Monday, 29 August 2016

Toddler Storytime Sept/Oct 2016

These are the spaces now available for upcoming storytime sessions. If you'd like to book you can either phone the shop during opening hours or comment through the post on our Facebook page.. If you comment on our Facebook post, we will 'like' your comment to confirm you are booked in, please make sure you check back for this as Facebook isn't always very good at notifying you! Remember all sessions cost £6 per child which includes the reading of the story, the pottery shape and squash and biscuits. It is open to children up to age of four and broadly speaking suitable from the age of two, although this does depend on the child and their skills and experiences.
'Pig's Eggs' - painting an egg with the help of shaving foam - please ask if you have any allergy concerns.
Weds 7th Sept 10.30
Tues 13th Sept 10.30
Weds 14th Sept 1.30
Fri 16th Sept 10.30
'Baa Moo, what shall we do?' painting a 6" tile with a kangaroo
Weds 21st Sept 10.30
Tues 27th Sept 10.30
Weds 28th Sept 1.30
Fri 30th Sept 10.30
'Squirrel's autumn search' painting a leaf dish
Weds 5th Oct 10.30
Tues 11th Oct 10.30
Weds 12th Oct FULL
Fri 14th Oct 10.30
'The snail and the whale' painting a snail figurine with 'crusties'
Weds 19th Oct 10.30

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